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ICONIX is Bangladesh’s one of the largest peering provider with several locations across Bangladesh interconnective networks. Part of this success is because ICONIX operates a vendor and carrier-neutral environment for its peers and provides fully redundant, state of the art layer 2/3 Ethernet switches and routers operating up to gigabit speed.
ICONIX is a Metro Area Internet Exchange in that has distributed its switching capacity in areas of high customer density whole Bangladesh. As such the ICONIX can connect to customers in buildings other than its main point of presence.


A physical infrastructure through which Internet service providers (ISPs) , International Internet Gateway (IIG) and business, universities exchange Internet traffic between their networks to keep local Richmond traffic local. Reduces the portion of an ISP or business, universities traffic which must be delivered via their upstream transit providers.
Members can connect to ICONIX using one of more physical connections and reach many other peers on the peering fabric, thus optimizing the cost per peer when exchanging traffic between different local networks. Ports available are 100M, 1G, 5G, 10G and 100G for traffic exchange.
Bandwidth requirements for services like video, gaming, cloud, or voice over IP grow continuously, and every millisecond, if not nanosecond, is important; peering provides for the lowest latency path and therefore greatly enhances the end-user Internet experience.
The more networks you reach with one cross connect, the fewer cross connects you have to pay for. With just one cross connect to the ICONIX platform you can reach several networks like Google, Akamai, Facebook etc. Reaching a multitude of networks also reduces your IP transit costs.
For Cross Conncetion ICONIX provides 100M, 1G, 5G, 10G and 100G for traffic exchange.
Direct peering and cross connection provides you with the lowest latency path to your target networks on an uncongested path; therefore, peering improves the quality of networks.
ICONIX offers a monthly service level of 99.95% on peering port availability.
On fault escalation matters, please email ICONIX 24×7 helpdesk at noc@iconix.com.bd for immediate assistance.
For more information on Service Level and Fault Escalation procedures, please view the document below:

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Joining ICONIX
ICONIX members can enjoy commercial, technical, operational and social benefits. Any one of these benefits will give your organisation an advantage, although the real benefits far exceed the sum of their parts.
1G Port @ BDT 70,000 **
5G Port @ BDT 325,000 **
10G Port @ BDT 600,000 **


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